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  • melissabondwriter

Ode to Jed

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

since feeling is first in the heart of the man that pays attention jed is that man whose chest burns as he walks in the world

this man, Jed, is so superior a fool as to be like a child, jumping at the laughter of trees and water, his body loose and open and open and loose, until the world around him rings like a bell

and that bell, once rung, moves through the world not with his name, but with the secret of joy that he holds, his hands tender, his mouth a smile of light that speaks the word sun

so if you see this man of the loose and open body this foolish man who will lay on the ground simply to talk to clouds, or dance his way to you with a bob bob of the head, reminding you of the child in your own body be with him because he is one of few who will truly be with you



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