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They Picked Me!!!

Dearest Lovelies -

This is BIG. That's what my editor tells me. She was nearly teary when she told me that of all the books coming out in 2022, Publishers Marketplace and the American Bookseller Association picked six to highlight. And one of those six is me.

My jaw dropped.

Then I wrote her. "Are you sure this is ALL books? Are you sure they picked me? My jaw is on the floor."

"It should be," she wrote back. "This is HUGE."


I wanted to share.

I'm honored beyond belief. All those years of writing and then editing and then trying to get the book to an agent who would love the book feel worth it. I'd do it over again in a second.

Because I want this book to help. I want it to be a bit of beauty in a dark forest. I want it to help. That's what matters most. Beauty and relief of suffering. Me standing next to you saying, "I know. I get it."

Because I do.

And now PubBuzz does too. Which is just incredible. It's the best thing ever.

With so much heart,





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