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Melissa A. Bond


Melissa has been a performer and public speaker for over 25 years. She speaks on topics she’s passionate about, including the lens through which we perceive disability, issues surrounding benzodiazepine dependence, recipes for resilience, love (in all its delicious facets) and the winds of creativity.


Comfortable in universities, poetry houses as well as 1000 seat theaters, Melissa is available for speaking engagements on a multitude of topics.


For media inquiries or to book Melissa for a speaking engagement, please contact

For speaking engagments, contact Erin Simpson at the Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau:

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With over 25 years of experience, Melissa loves to connect with audiences on topics that open the eyes and make the heart giddy.


"Bond's writing smashes through the norm and comes out the other side an explosion of art, life, wit and tenacity."



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