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Melissa A. Bond


"Everybody has a story, but not everyone has the chops to tell it. Melissa Bond has those skills in abundance. She is a poet, and her lush and playful language can take your breath away. She is a seasoned performer, and she knows how to create scenes that stay with you forever. She is a smart researcher, and her care with getting things right always earns the reader’s trust. Most crucial, she is courageous. That’s the only way she could have survived this harrowing, moving passage in her life, wrestled with the experience in years of self-reflection, and come out the other end as the joyful and kind person and writer who now shares this searingly honest book with us."


Stephen Trimble, co-author of The Geography of Childhood: Why Children Need Wild Places 
and author of the forthcoming The Mike File: Clues to a Life, his 25th book


"Bond's writing smashes through the norm and comes out the other side an explosion of art, life, wit and tenacity. Once involved in Melissa's World, one cannot return unchanged. She challenges our sense of reality, our sense of humankind, and even in the darkest hours keeps us laughing along the journey. Once you go Bond? You never go back."

 Brenda Sue Cowley, author of Ladies of the Lake in Peculiar Love Stories
and the play Seeing Red, Salt Lake Acting Company

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